Sunday, 9 September 2018

The weekly brew 13

Despite the weather deteriorating a little from the fine conditions on Thursday/Friday this week, I decided it would be much nicer to hold off Fridays planned walk and go yesterday instead so that Louise could accompany us.

After a week of 04:45am starts, it was a gloriously lazy morning with no alarm clock going off like a shotgun in my ears...and the fresh coffee and bacon rolls set us up nicely for the short pootle down the motorway.

For a couple of reasons we decided to head for the Grey Mare's tail just outside Moffat. First, Louise had never been here before and was looking for another decent length "weekend" walk that she can take Nellie on when my shift pattern has me working Saturday and Sunday. Second, this was also the first walk with a decent amount of ascent all in one go that I'd done last year shortly after my failed Not The West Highland Way attempt. As mentioned previously it turns out that my Sarcoidosis was, unbeknownst to me, flaring at the time. I have since been back on the steroids to bring my lung function back under control. As the steroids themselves have pretty bad side effects I'm now slowly replacing the steroids with another drug called Methotrexate. So far everything seems to be going well so I thought it would be good to repeat the walk to compare my performance and I'm pleased to say that there does appear, to me anyway, to be a large improvement.

After getting all the climbing out of the way we enjoyed a pleasant bimble along the Tail Burn until we reached Loch Skeen (sometime written as Skene). And as per usual the stove came out for us to enjoy a hot brew. This time it was Ainsly Harriet's spicy lentil soup which was surprisingly good, thick and tasty for a 'cuppa soup' style soup. Would definitely take these again.

I was a little disappointed that the mist didn't lift for Louise to see the view properly but I suppose that's just an incentive for her to come back again herself with Nelliedug.

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