Sunday, 4 June 2017

Locus Gear Khufu and inner tent first look

After the being amazed at the Japanese postal efficiency and then Parcelforce’s subsequent lack of it, a package finally arrived a few days ago for me. I could barely contain my excitement as I knew exactly what it was. There’s a feeling you get about a new tent purchase that’s quite special (like in the same way that a new car is) I find that you don’t quite get with other outdoor kit.

I’ve had a good fondle and my first impressions are very good indeed with the pack size very compact and weight down at 455 and 395 grams respectively for the fly and the inner tent (both in their stuff sacks). The quality of the stitching is immaculate with no loose threads or bits that look bodged. I ordered a 2/3rds sized inner to go with it along with the carbon fibre version of the gizmo for using 2 poles when pitching.

I’ve not yet wild camped in it let alone pitched it, but when I do I will give it a proper test and review. To be honest I know that there’s probably not much I’ll be able to add to the wealth of knowledge already out there about the Khufu as it’s a tent that’s now well established and been on the market for a while. What is new however is that the inner tent was custom made to my requests. It seems Locus Gear have changed their minds and decided that they will now fit an inverted “T” zip to their inners despite their fears that they would break as it seems plenty of customers (UK ones I’m guessing) request it. Dealing with Locus Gear themselves was an absolute joy and they were very patient and informative when I was discussing my needs/wants for this tent. Their customer service truly is top notch.

My only word of caution at this point would be to beware that the orange silnylon I decided to have the floor of the inner made in, truly is as eye wateringly bright as the photo’s here would may wish to pick another colour! In my defence I was wanting a lighter colour as in my opinion tents should be bright and cheery places and it helps with finding objects on the tent floor in poor light without having to switch on a torch/headtorch. Honestly, it looked a good bit more subdued on their website pictures on my screen! It’s what I’m stuck with though and now that I’m over the initial shock it’s weirdly starting to grow on me a little.

More later when I’ve had a chance to pitch and use it.

Edit* this post was actually written almost a fortnight ago. It’s late for the reason briefly mentioned in the previous post below. I’m hoping to get it seam sealed and escape to hills in it very soon.

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  1. Hi, what is your impression of the khufu now?
    Any pictures of the setup maybe?

    Would be great :)


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