Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Granite Gear Air Zipp Twist Bags

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That brightly coloured bag you saw a roast beef and pickle sandwich mysteriously vanish from on Ben Vorlich was a 5Litre Granite Gear Air Zipp Twist. I picked them up (they're sold in pairs) as my old orange Alpkit A4 size stuff sack that I used to hold food in my pack got lost a long while ago.

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It might not be the lightest way to do things, but rather than one big pack liner I prefer stuff sacks to keep kit separated which means it's easy to keep together and find in a dark tent or in a rucksack with cold hands. I've also had a small disaster in the past when a boil in the bag meal decided to leak whilst I was walking.

I like these wee bags from Granite Gear, they are very light (28grams each on my scales) and are very well made. They're made from 30d Sil-Nylon Cordura which is almost translucent it's so thin. Durability isn't a concern though this stuff''s been around for ages. The stitching is very neat all over the bag with no loose or hanging threads and no missed bits. There's a strongly bar tacked grab handle at each end for tugging it out from the bottom of your rucksack and an oversized zip garage that puts many a waterproof jacket to shame!

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The long zip is one of those water resistant affairs with it's teeth to the inside and because it's diagonally across the length of the bag you get nice easy access to the goodies inside. There even a sort of rubber zip pull which with the grab handles makes it a skoosh to get inside with gloved hands. The bag itself is a sensible sort of squashed oblong shape which makes for an efficient use of space within your rucksack. I don't think it'll be completely waterproof so it wont replace a full on dry bag but for most things I'd say these are worth a look if your in the market for some packing accessories.

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I bought these with my own money and I'd gladly spend it on them again.

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