Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The weekly brew 9

This weeks weekly brew also happens to be last weeks weekly brew, but I’m not cheating you...at least not intentionally. With me switching to the 4 on, 4 off shift pattern at my new(ish) job I kind of lost the weekends freedom for last week but my time off does spill over into this week so it was today that Nellie and I hopped in the car and headed off to explore some previously un walked (at least by us anyway) tracks at our usual dog walk area in amongst the forestry commission stuff around Dungavel hill.

The route we took had us following a track in amongst the trees somewhere behind the summit of Dungavel and it seems the windmills up here have been multiplying again as without much warning (other than a loud and ominous whooshing/whumping sound) we turned into a clearing and came face to face with this monstrosity.

We decided to go no further as there was no more track left and the ground was just a boggy mess of torn up forest remains and hummocky heather. The loud white sentinels standing guard up here also didn’t appeal as peaceful walking companions so we beat a hasty retreat and picked up a well worn groove following the burn back towards the road.

Along the way we found some large pieces of slate tumbling out the sides of the “V” shaped valley we were following that someone has gone to great effort to arrange into a kind of makeshift bench. It had a functioning back rest and plenty of space for 2 bums or 1 bum and a stove. As Nellie was more interested in rolling around in the grass and chasing sticks I decided to take full advantage of it.

It was whilst sipping my cuppa, enjoying the sun and contemplating heading back to the car, that we had a little pale yellow visitor who decided to take advantage of my frame blocking the warm but stiff breeze. He sat there for quite a while so I suspect he was enjoying the respite just the same as us. I thought I’d do him a turn so waited till he’d had enough and fluttered off before packing up and departing.

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