Sunday, 9 April 2017

The weekly brew 6

This week’s brew with a view was brought to you from the summit of Middlefield Law looking over at an old favourite that’s not been visited in some time, ‘Cairn Table’...must rectify that soon!

Despite yesterday’s weather forecast being infinitely better than today’s, life generally seemed to conspire to force us to make the best of a brief weather window this afternoon....and when I say brief I really mean it! We were up at the summit, had a quick cuppa and were back at the car again within 2 hours. Through luck more than anything it seems that we also made it just in time as the heavens decided to open just as the dug was being re-installed in the boot and my rucksack being hurriedly slung across the back seat.

We still got out and about this weekend though so I’ll consider it mission accomplished :)


  1. Well to be honest we could've timed it better and gone on Saturday instead when the sun was out :)


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