Thursday, 6 April 2017

SmugMug Test

Since photobucket appears to have imploded with their site design getting slow and clunky to the point where it's practically unusable I've fast been losing patience with them. I think though that I've just had the final straw dropped onto my back from a great height as it now appears that they've managed to lose quite a few folders of my photographs along with practically everything I've uploaded this year for the blog. I've tried emailing/contacting them and am now just getting fobbed off with a combination of site robot generated replies and meaningless platitudes and apologies about how their engineers are working on it etc but there appears to be no progress. In fact, since I've contacted them it seems that even more content has evaporated into the ether!

I'm more than slightly peeved and I've had enough...and since my subscription renewal with them is due this month they've also had enough of my hard earned and won't be getting a penny more. I'm now forced to see what I can salvage from the remaining tatters of their website/servers and my my own back ups (which won't go all the way back) and then slowly try to migrate every photo for the blog that's hosted with them to a new provider. That's over 200 posts, many of them with quite a few photos. I may well be some time....

Anyway, the point of this post is to apologise for all the recently broken posts and missing photos on here (I will try my best to reinstate everything asap) and to test uploading photos from the trial SmugMug account I've opened to see how well it works for my needs etc. Assuming that this works OK you should now be seeing some gratuitous pictures of Nellie the Bigbananamountaindug...

Normal service shall resume soonish I hope :(

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