Saturday, 18 March 2017

The weekly brew 3

The original plan was for Louise and Nelliedug to meet me in Kinlochleven this weekend after I had completed “Not The West Highland Way”. Obviously that didn’t quite work out but as we had already booked the hotel it would’ve been rude not to go.

The weather’s pretty grim all this weekend and along with my sore foot I’ve been struck down with the dreaded man-flu. The dug still needs walked though, so after watching Scotland beat Italy we nipped out and made the most of a break between rain showers to go for a gentle wee wander taking in the “Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall” along the way.


  1. That certainly looks damp.
    Ad you headed out to a damper bit!

  2. I'll be honest Alan, when I looked out the window before we set off I really wasn't keen. The dug's quite insistent though (vocal too!) and it's really not fair to make her sit in a car all afternoon the day before and then deny her her walkies. The rain did clear for a few hours very shortly after this was taken and it ended up being an enjoyable wee daunder after all.

    I suppose it encapsulates nicely what I intend this new(ish) regular feature to be all about.

    1. If this coughing and hacking doesn't subside soon though I may be forced to fire up the stove in the doctor's surgery for this weeks brew..... :-(


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