Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Radio silence....

Well I'm off.

As usual not an early start as I head for my train to the beginning of "The West Highland Way"...or hopefully in this case "Not The West Highland Way", but it is deliberate as I want to miss the rush hour commuters and I'm intending to not put too many miles in at first in a bid to try and break myself in gently.

I'm all packed and have made some last minute kit changes that may be controversial. We shall see how that turns out but like most things in life it's about compromise and finding the right balance. Anyway more on NTWHW kit later when I return. (hopefully triumphantly!)

I'll also have to apologise about not being able to post my promised "Weekly Brew" pics for this week and next but I can guarantee that there will be many, many opportunities to stop for a rest and get the kettle on along the way and I'll post them when I'm back in civilisation.

Wish me luck!

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