Sunday, 25 December 2016

An early Christmas!

After a year (almost to the day!) of silence in this place I've decided that it's time to revive it.

The reason for the silence is that I've not really done anything worth writing about over the last year in terms of the outdoors which is what this place is really for. I could give many excuse for that but I'm not going to. All I'll say is that I felt I needed a break away from blogging and my constant working abroad meant that when I was back in the UK I didn't really want to spend the precious time I had here with Louise away by myself on a summit.

There had been some movement recently behind the scenes here at Bigbananatowers with the end of what could probably be described as the worlds longest redundancy finally in sight...and with that end were some ideas and plans finally becoming that little bit more concrete.

I hadn't intended to start posting until next year, and I still don't really want to reveal my plans too early but on Friday, Santa came a little early and moved things a little closer into focus. First of all my redundancy has been shortened a little and I finally got my letter with an official finish date! (You have no idea how much joy that piece of paper brought me!) and secondly there was a little unexpected surprise in the post from the lovely Rosie at Buffwear.

 photo P1010499.jpg

All I want to reveal at the moment on here is that there are some activities planned that should provide plenty of blog content. The main event should be taking place in March but there will be some lead up to it. It's a personal challenge that'll let me exorcise some demons as well as a sort of triumphant return to the Scottish outdoors...and I've already purchased some shiny new gear in anticipation of it so you could say that I'm already committed! Oh and I will definitely be taking and wearing my nice new Christmas present from Buff. Many thanks Rosie!

More details coming soon, but until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (When it comes) to you all!

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