Friday, 20 March 2015

A fleeting glimpse

I sat in the window sill like some crazed curtain twitcher holding a makeshift monacle (comprised of 4 separate lenses from my sunglasses) and between the breaks in the cloud, I watched the moon slowly eat the sun. At first I think the neighbours all thought I was mad. I heard the folks from the solicitors across the road exclaiming how sh*t it was that they couldn't see anything...but then every now and then, the clouds would be just the right density/opacity to see the spectacle in the sky with the naked eye, and slowly it became ooh's and aah's that were drifting across the road. The delivery man dropping off a parcel for next door was also pretty chuffed when I gave him a shot of my bodge-it lens.

  photo P1010290.jpg

Definitely worth staying up after my last nightshift for.

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