Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hold the mustard

27 degrees! You'd think that would be far too hot to be running about daft and chasing thrown sticks. Trouble is, with a Colllie you just cant say no. It's just not fair to leave them cooped up all day then not give them a chance to stretch their legs later on.

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We ventured out to the park late in the afternoon. I couldn't be bothered to be honest. I was hot and tired with sore feet after a particularly difficult day at work.

The morning was spent trying to make sense out of a complex wiring diagram and trying to work out why this particular PLC output card had decided to self destruct. After eventually tracking it down, the afternoon was spent wishing I had three hands whilst being wedged in an impossibly small space underneath the machinery and wielding a soldering iron to repair the damaged cable that had ruined my day...and this was all completed while wearing a cleanroom suit (think tellytubby outfit!) and safety glasses that wouldn't stop steaming up.

As I said, I was hot and tired with sore feet but we went anyway. I thought the place would be heaving with folk out enjoying the fine weather but was surprised to find the car park empty and we never met a soul as we wandered along the trail with the sunlight filtering through the trees.

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The quiet was only broken by birdsong and the rustle of the branches as a squirrel darted along in front of us. The mutt must have been roasting too as she made a beeline for the water when we got down the river. She flopped herself down and refused to come back (which isn't like her) so eventually I went down through the trees to get her.

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It looked so cool and inviting that it wasn't long before we were both in having a paddle. My work frustrations were leaving me as I waded deeper and deeper. With the water level being so low, it only came half way up my thighs at the deepest point and what can occasionally be a torrent was now just lazily meandering alongside the path.

I don't think either of us wanted to leave our slow moving oasis of calm so we followed it for as long as we could before the path we needed and the river went their separate ways.

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I'm glad we went for the wander now. A wee hour or so escaping the heat and pressure of the day. There's a lesson to be learned here I'm sure.

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