Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Painting by numbers

When will it end?

For a month and a half now I've been watching the weekend forecasts, desperately wishing for a break in this constant stream of low pressure systems rolling in one after the other. There's not many weekends available to me once I take into account my ever rotating shift pattern so it's like being kicked whilst I'm already down when I do spot the occasional weather window open up briefly and then I find myself trapped in a sterile clean room. Sucks to be me at work again too. There's never enough time in the day, and I'm finding myself getting disproportionately frustrated by the smallest of things. Is this what cabin fever feels like? The weather has been so crap for so long that my cycle commute, which I normally enjoy, appears to have become one endless headwind of misery. Even the on the usual excursion to walk the dug I've found nothing worth sharing on here. Every thing seems so dreary, washed out and sodden. I don't normally let the weather get me down but f*ck my patience is wearing thin now...

Still, there's plans afoot for this weekend and I've decided to take a different approach. I'm now studiously ignoring the weather man and I'm going to go off out gallivanting with gay abandon regardless of what's blowing in. My tent's plenty strong and I've recently discovered that I do actually get on with earplugs in bed after all.

...and just to prove that life's not really been all washed oot, I took these shots with the new camera whilst kicking the fitba' about for the dug the other night. I wasn't expecting to see all the colour in the sky and it's nice to know that I made the decisions for a change regarding ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed etc instead of the camera.

 photo P1000273.jpg

 photo P1000284.jpg

Damn I'm looking forward to getting oot and blowing the cobwebs (and hopefully not my tent) away!

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  1. I forecast that this weekend will be particularly fine with lots of snow, blue skies and good company.

    Well maybe one of those.


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