Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Keen as mustard

Keen Targhee 2's. A firm favourite of many and for good reasons, have been transporting me up, down and around the UK's mountains for countless miles. Since April 2009 in fact! I know this because I wrote about them on here way back then. They finally died just before Christmas there and seeing as they were so good I decided to just replace them like for like.

After I got over the ridiculous sized box that Keen sent my new ones in, seriously I panicked when I opened the door to the Postie and saw the box wondering if I'd clicked twice on the buy button or something, I was going to look them over and compose a post about whatever updates there had been in the intervening years. However comparing old to new, there's no differences or tweaks or anything else that I can see. Killed my post dead in the water I suppose but it makes my feet and therefore me happy that there'll be no surprises to ruin the party.

Considering how old my dead ones are and how many miles they've covered I have to say that they've worn extremely well. They definitely don't owe me anything but I am a little shocked at just how much I've managed to wear the lugs on the sole down though. So much so it makes the new ones start to look positively aggressive. Never ever thought I'd say that about these boots!

Seeing as there's nothing exciting to write about the boots themselves here's a vid of the dug getting excited by the packaging :-)


  1. It is pleasing that Keen has maintained their styles for so long, often companies update every year with "New and Improved ..." Having just returned from summer in Oz and spending a lot of time in my Keen Newports my interest was sparked by the Targhees. I wondered what your experience is with the soles on wet rocky terrain?

  2. I find the sole unit fine for scrambling on rocky terrain as long as you take in to account the bendyness of the sole, i.e., not great for edging or spending long periods of time on front crampon points. In terms of grip or friction to wet rock or dry rock I don't think there is any appreciable difference between these and say a Vibram sole unit. They are let down a little perhaps though by the lack of depth between the tread blocks in my opinion, which makes them not as good for example on soft mud or wet grass. You quickly learn where their limit of grip is though.


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