Monday, 2 December 2013

Walkin' the dug

Sometimes, even when you don't want to go, you should just force yourself to get up and do it. It's all too easy to slip and find oneself riding the treadmill of drudgery. Whether it be the 9 to 5, chores, too many commitments or just the torpid apathy of laziness after a hard and emotional day.

Shift work bursts me at times and all I want to do is vegetate on the couch. It felt like I was stuck in that relentless groove of sluggish lethargy and for a while there all I seemed to do was go to work and then fix the Landy at the weekend. Instead of lying under it "sorting" the next job that needed doing (there's always another, it's part of Landy ownership) I should have been riding in it to my next adventure. I was using my Sarcoidosis as an excuse and I wasn't happy but I'm luckier than most as I've a wife who really loves me, knows me very well and knows exactly when I need a wee shove.

 photo 001.jpg

Having a dug that's always ready to go can also help a bit.

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