Monday, 9 December 2013

Oookworks Shangri La 3 Flysheet Modifications

 photo oook01.png

Between work, building a new bed, the usual busyness associated with Christmas and trying to clear out the spare room in preparation for some impending visitors I'd almost forgot to share up here some fantastic looking modifications Sean at Oookworks has made to my Golite Shangri La 3.

 photo oook03.jpg

I had decided to order up one of the larger nests that Sean makes so's me an' the dug can go wild camping soon (more on that coming later) but then decided that I might as well go all out and get him to make some minor improvements to what has probably become my all time hands down favourite shelter. Me and the trusty Laser Comp are still pals mind, but the SL3 is just so much more versatile.

 photo oook04.jpg

First up are some extra centre panel guy points about half way up the height of the tent. The standard SL3 is already pretty storm worthy as it is, with the 6 main peg points, another 5 mid panel peg points and the pole being in compression all of the time. Despite the tent's large size it is deceptively slippery and it's shape does seem to shed the wind more than you'd think when just looking at the thing on paper. When conditions really start to get blowy though, those big panels that make up the body of the fly can bounce around a bit alarmingly and flick condensation about. I think the extra guys fitted to the centre of these big panels with some shock cord to take the sting of the wind out will help stabilise the structure some more. They'll only be deployed when needed but it's nice to know that they are there. With a total of 16 peg points at my disposal now, that thing will well and truly be nailed down and should simply shrug off even the worst hoolie I'm ever likely to caught in.

 photo oook05.jpg

The second mod is one that Sean suggested to me and seems so obvious I'm surprised it never occurred to me. It's basically another peg point but this time in the centre of the bottom seam/hem along the bottom of the door. It should allow me to still fully open the door zip but only create a half panel size opening if that makes sense? This should help keep the inside drier when nipping out to "water the roses" when the heavens are already doing it for me, and also give me another option to reduce the opening if I want to drift off to the land of nod with the door left open.

As you can see from the photo's Sean's work is impeccably neat and makes it look as if Golite had made it this way from the beginning. Makes me wish I'd sent the Laser comp flysheet down to him to repair the guy point that got pulled out last year instead of  doing a bit of DIY. I can't wait to see and test out the nest when it arrives.


  1. SL3 is a revelation to me in shelter design. I'm so pleased with mine. Sean does excellent work. Your set for winter then with that upgrade.

  2. It really is the best combination of space, stability and weight in my opinion. I can't wait to to see the Oookworks inner hanging inside it. I reckon me and the dug'll have a rare old time!


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