Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (when it comes) and any other appropriate seasonal greetings to you and yours!

I'm sitting here with my feet up and supping a well earned Christmas beer after returning from the park with Nelliedug and it seems like we went just in time. I've been keeping a beady if somewhat irritated eye upon the weather forecasts. The constant use of phrases like...

"Storm to hurricane force upland winds"

"Very difficult walking from low level upwards."

"Any mobility extensively tortuous on higher areas..."

"...whiteout frequent."

...make it sound like the typical sensationalist reporting from the British tabloids and as much as I was looking forward to a few decent mountain adventures over the holidays, I'm not chancing it just now. The fridge is stuffed with food, booze and other assorted Christmas cheer and I fully intend to enjoy the festivities, for this is a time to be spent with loved ones. The hills can wait for the time being and anyway, the Landy has a full tank and a rucksack can always be packed quickly....

 photo IMG_20131224_112854.jpg

I hope Santa's good to you and we hope to see you on a hill soon.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Bigbananatowers!

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