Sunday, 17 November 2013

He's back!

 photo NellieVorlichClouds.jpg

I posted this pic on facebook earlier today while Nellie dug and I stopped for a breather and to take in the view. Someone said to me recently whilst I was talking about getting out again after so long "...going back with fresh eyes and new enthusiasm makes it all the better." and they were absolutely spot on.

I threw the guidebook oot the window and picked my own and dare I say it more interesting route today. We wandered along at our own (mine, the dug's far fitter than me!) pace simply enjoying being oot again. It took us a little longer than Naismith would have you believe but there was joy in abundance the whole day. I've been away from this stuff for far too long, but never mind. I'm back, a little out of breath perhaps and starting to stiffen up already but I'm most definitely back.

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