Tuesday, 19 February 2013

From a different point of view

On Sunday we did something a little different. Something I've been wanting to do for a while and looks to become a more regular thing for us. We took part in our first Green Road Run which is basically an organised off road drive using Daphne the Defender for what she was designed for. It was fun meeting a load of other Landy enthusiasts and we had a great day out although it did feel a little like cheating getting properly in amongst the hills with the creature comforts of a soft seat and working heater...yes, believe it or not the heater in my Landy does work fine!  photo GRR01.jpg  photo GRR02.jpg  photo GRR03.jpg  photo GRR04.jpg  photo GRR05.jpg  photo GRR06.jpg  photo GRR07.jpg  photo GRR08.jpg  photo GRR09.jpg  photo GRR10.jpg  photo GRR11.jpg  photo GRR12.jpg  photo GRR13.jpg  photo GRR14.jpg  photo GRR15.jpg  photo GRR16.jpg  photo GRR17.jpg  photo GRR18.jpg  photo GRR19.jpg  photo GRR20.jpg  photo GRR21.jpg  photo GRR22.jpg  photo GRR23.jpg  photo GRR24.jpg  photo GRR25.jpg  photo GRR26.jpg  photo GRR27.jpg  photo GRR28.jpg  photo GRR29.jpg  photo GRR30.jpg  photo GRR31.jpg  photo GRR32.jpg  photo GRR33.jpg  photo GRR34.jpg  photo GRR35.jpg  photo GRR36.jpg


  1. This actually looked like a lot of fun!! I'm glad you've finally gotten some proper off road time with Daphne and i'm sure she is too!

    For what its worth, i think she's the best looking, most 'authentic' and ready for action Landy out the lot of them!

    Laura x

  2. Looks like a top time. Love the scones jam and cream. I think I'll love Scotland...when I finally get there!!!
    Neat xx

  3. I dunno Laura, there were a few other tasty looking Defender's there that I was eyeing up but I suppose Daphne's oors and that makes her automatically the best Landy by default.

    A top time indeed Anita! You will love it, when you guys coming over? Oh, and scones to round off a day oot in the Landy is always a win. In fact they're starting to become like a wee tradition for us!

  4. This is definitely cheating! :-) Looked like a good day oot with some luxury lunch! Not a squashed sandwich in sight.


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