Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hi "Anonymous "  Please do me a big favour and go away. Your spam emails and comments, which incidentally don't appear on my blog, are not welcome and are therefore are of no real use to you. I'm also quite sure that anyone who wants to read about outdoor adventures (no matter how small and pish) want to read about your pay day loans. Also vice-versa, anyone wanting a "pay-day loan" (who is also stupid enough to get it from a never heard of company on the internet) probably wont be found browsing for info on hillwalking or tents etc..... Really your market research man needs shot or at the very least sacked.

Anyway, as previously requested,  please do us all (youself included) a big favour and fuck off.

Thanks awfully Bigbananafeet :-)



  1. Got the exact same shit on mine mate. Looks like my spam filter has flushed them out too. Nobs!!

  2. Unfortunately my email inbox was full of the comment notifications but yes the blogs spam filter caught the comments.

    I wonder why they do it? Surely nobody takes them seriously these days?

    1. I've just had the one but the comment didn't appear on the blog. Clowns.

  3. Seems "they" got around a fair bit recently then.

  4. I've had a pile of exactly the same crap. Straight in the bin. Perhaps we should all spam his site...

  5. "Hello Rishi,

    Your spam comments have been removed from my blog and will continue to be removed as long as you persist in posting such content without permission.

    Your postings were extremely cheeky and verging on rude as I do not offer advertising space or an increase in back links for anybody for free. If you want to discuss the opportunity to advertise your site from mine then you may contact me on this address to discuss my fee.

    If not I suggest you go away and take your spam with you.


    My response to the latest barrage of pish being posted on here.


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