Thursday, 7 June 2012

Characterized by intense activity, confusion, or haste

There's been a lot happening here of late and yet nothing posted as I haven't even looked at a (proper) hill since the end of March. It's about time that was rectified. I'll be going outside very soon to play with my stove and point my camera at stuff hopefully. If I don't I'd hate to be around to witness me when I finally go mad from the cabin fever!

Stuff I have been up to includes such things as...

Starting a long and difficult (6 month to a year) course at work that includes working on a very large, very visible project that's pretty much critical to the business equals lots of stress :-)

Not sleeping for several nights while  we got Nellie (the Bigbananadug) used to living with us and not her original litter wasn't much fun. Wondering if she was ill as we kept picking up hairy puppy turds until we discovered the bald spot in the rug was pretty worrying too...Though to be fair she settled in quickly, housebreaking was pretty simple, she's well behaved and just adorable really!



Here's some gratuitous dug pics

Rebuilding my PC into a new case when it died recently was pretty frustrating. Realising I've lost a lot of pictures from this year that I hadn't backed up yet before the PC died meant some more stress and even caused me to use a few choice sweary words.

Not coping well sometimes with the Sarcoidosis or the side effects from the steroids leaves me feeling rubbish about myself on and off pretty much all of the time. :-(

Waiting to find out if Daphne the Landy would pass her MOT was a bit nerve-wracking. She passed with flying colours though. Going to Largs for a mates wedding last week and coming home the next day to a dead Daphne was a tad irritating (the wedding itself was braw though). Spending the next few days I had planned being up the hills lying under said Landy and almost filling my pants when I let some of the smoke out of the wires in the rear loom was another pretty stressful moment. This took me straight back to the sweary words again. The manly invincible feeling you get when you fix something yourself was pretty good though I must admit and in the immediate future I'll be lying under Daphne again to repair her leaky transfer box....I still love my truck though!

Anyway, after reading back through that lot before I press the publish button it's no wonder I've been becoming more of crabbit git than usual so I think it's high time I got things back on an even keel by punishing my body and freeing my mind on the side of some pointy hills.

Here's a gratuitous mountain pic. I think it reflects my mood quite well at the moment


  1. Hah - that last dug photie's a cracker. :0)

    Hope your health picks up a bit soon, Sandy.

  2. When you buy a Landie, you have no choice but to become acquainted with the finer points of motor mechanics. I saw my old one today btw. It was sitting ootside a garage :o)

    As Scott says, hope you're feeling better soon.

    And that's a crackin' wee dug :o)

  3. Life has a habit of doing that. Definitely sounds like you need to get out on the hill. A proper reset :-)

    Nellie's getting big and looks like she's keen to get on the hill.

    Catch up with you soon mate.

  4. Health and performance seem to be going up and down like a yo yo atm Scott, should pick up when I get out more regularly though. It always does.

    Kev, as much I complain about having to work on the old girl I do actually enjoy it...except when it's expensive and keeps her off the road for a bit.

    You're right Davy, "A proper reset" is whats needed. I cannae wait to get Nellie oot properly. She'll love it.

  5. More gratuitous mountain pics please! :)

    I want a dog!


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