Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I've got the cleanest floor in Hamilton...

It's been seen before on the facebook but it's too funny not to record again and share on here...

Nellie the Sheep Broom Dug!


  1. A clean floor until she can start getting oot, anyway. When is that btw? I feel a bloggers dog socialisation meet at Bothwell Castle or somewhere might be in order.


  2. She had her first jag there on Saturday so I think its about 2 weeks till the next one and then another week before it takes effect. The day she can get out for proper walk can't come quick enough...we measured her tonight and in the 2 weeks we've had her she's grow about 4cm's!

    A bloggers dogs meet sounds like a great idea. Would definitely be good for Nellie to develop her social skills. She's a friendly wee pup already right enough!

    I'll keep you posted Scott :o)

  3. She's a switched on little thing by the looks of it. The waiting to pounce look is quite impressive.

    Once she figures out there's a bigger, wider world beyond your front door there will be no stopping her.

    Have fun mate

  4. Aye, it reminds me of a cat when she does that.

    She also does the whole crouching low to the ground and running with her belly dragging in the grass thing that you see collies do. She's deffinitely her dad's dog...I mean her real dad not me! He was the working dog on the farm she came from.


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