Monday, 20 February 2012

PTC*s Gear test extravaganza

Just got back in last night from PTC*s gear testing extravaganza. There was an interesting mixed bag of weather. Stunning scenery.  Lots of shiny new kit (some of it never seen before in the UK!) to play with...and I must say it was very enjoyable to spend a night and a day in the mountains with some like minded folks and finally put a personality to names I see posting online.


A big thanks to PTC* for organising the thing and to the kit suppliers/manufacturers for letting us, the end user, get to do some real world testing.

More to follow after I sort through my (many) photies.


  1. Sounds great!... Why wasn't I invited!

  2. Everyone was invited!

    Good to meet you Sandy. Looking forward to the photos, mine were crap. New camera required!

    Catch up with you again maybe.


  3. Aye, Jamie I'm pretty sure you knew about this on'dve loved too if you'd come! I think there may be another meet in the works seeing as this one was a success.

    Aye it was good to meet you to Davy. I reckon my photies are a mixed bag. The night time shots are better than I normally get but still not as good as some I've seen from the likes of PTC and "proper" photographers.

    See you on a hill somewhere I'm sure!

  4. It was good to meet you at last Sandy! I've got a half decent photae of you at sunrise which I'll bung your way once I get it processed.

  5. As the others have said it was good to meet up. I look forward to the post and photos. Here's to the next time...

  6. :-( must ave missed it, boo hoo :-(


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