Saturday, 30 April 2011

There may have been no hills recently


...but we aren't sitting still either. I've been back on the bike commuting in and out of work every day for the last 2 weeks which has been an utter joy in this recent glorious weather we've been having. I've not had time much to get out at the weekend due to the massive amounts of overtime I've been doing so the bike is my chance to get some "Sandy time" even if it is only for a short while it still helps keep me sane. When I'm sprinting up that hill into Bothwell it's just me and my screaming leg muscles for those few minutes. I don't reckon it'll be too much longer before I can sprint the whole way to the top without having to sit down and spin to recover either!

Anyway enough about the bike and me, the reason I'm posting today is to give my wife a shameless plug. She has signed up for the Glasgow 2011 Race for life in aid of Cancer Research UK which I think is a most deserving charity. I'm sure everyone has been affected in some way by cancer so please if you have a little spare wonga donate it to a worthwhile cause by sponsoring my wife to run the 5Kms.

A cut and paste from her facebook

Hi guys rather than just asking you to copy & paste a meaningless status that you'll replace less than a day later with out even thinking about I thought I'd try & do something productive... after surprisingly little coercion I've decided to take part in this years race for life in memory of everyone I know who has been touched by cancer but particularly my auntie Ange who died 31/12/10 you can sponsor me by following the link below any amount would be greatly appreciated :)

Louise's Race for life page


  1. Awww, see this is why I married you!! Thanks xx Thanks also to anyone who follows the link :)

  2. Thanks Fraser. Coming from you that means quite a lot!

    It's from an old trip to the Mamores and it alway's brings back great memories when I see it.


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