Sunday, 13 March 2011

You've had it now Charlotte!

Just spotted this on the bottom of the sandals I picked up yesterday...


Spider Rubber eh?

That'll be for stamping on any of the little scuttling bastards I come across in Australia next week then!

Whatever will Vibram come up with next?


  1. Well if the spidey rubber doesnae get them the smell will ;-)
    Have a good trip and we'll hopefully catch up soon

  2. Ahh but these ones are new. They have that "New smell" smell...a bit like a new car.

    Aye, we'll need to do cuppa's, Cake and gear fondling or better yet a maybe even a wander ootside when I get back.

  3. best to be safe than sorry!!

  4. Damn this is what I needed for Oz, specially design spider stomping shoes... though to be honest I wouldn't get a metre close to one of their spiders if I only had sandals on < shudders >

  5. Aye Tinks, a good boy scout is alway's prepared!

    Not to worry Jamie, the socks I'll have on underneath will fill in the gaps...Oh wait, err...


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