Thursday, 31 March 2011

A trip down under 2

Well we've had the Australian Wedding Ceremony On Saturday which was a fantastic day of celebrations starting with the ceremony itself, a fabulous afternoon tea at Woodend including a Croquembouche and finishing off with beers around the bonfire.

On Monday Louise and I headed off up "The Great Alpine Road" to Bright in Alan's (Louise's Dad) big red Landy...I'm sooooooo getting myself one now! We stayed in the in the caravan lent to us very kindly by Louise's Uncle Rod and Aunt Meagan and spent a few relaxing day's soaking up the scenery and weather. We had BBQ's (Proper Aussie ones!) for dinner, Lunch in a winery and yesterday we went to the top of Mt Buffalo.

We got back to Woodend today to relax tonight and then we're off to the city tomorrow then going for dinner with Anita and Paul (Louise's Godparents) then it's time for me unfortunately to head home on Saturday night.

There was some words spoken in that but the wind was pretty strong. I can't remember them but I wouldn't worry, it was mostly oooh's and aaah's at the view.

A more in depth post with more pics will follow later.

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