Saturday, 12 March 2011

One mans junk... another mans sandals. Or something like that?

First Saturday off in 2 weeks and I spent it in the shops and not on a hill.

3 weekends ago my wife (Louise) had to go to the other side of the world so she can fill out a few sodding forms that takes our wonderfully efficient government several months to process. The last 2 weekends have been spent working so that I can afford to go out to Australia to see my wife. This weekend the weather is pish and I need to get some shopping (for some suitable clothes) done before I fly out.

Anyway, enough moaning.

I went for a wander around Tiso's and Footprints in Glasgow today looking for a pair of sandals seeing as my old pair were thrown out some time ago due to the awful stench emanating from them. I had a good browse and fondled a few other bits and pieces too but nothing seemed to grab me or worse still, those that I liked the look of weren't in stock in my size!! Seriously, has everybody been in buying up all the sandals in anticipation of the snow that returned this morning?

After a wasted morning and returning to the car empty handed I decided I would go home the long way via Cotswolds at Silverburn just on the off chance they would have something in my size.

I went in and found a pair that I liked the look of straight away. I stood there picking up many pairs of sandals and shoes returning to the same ones again and again. I could see the mouth breathing adolescent sales assistant in the corner concentrating intensely on the brightly coloured pair of boots he was lacing up but he couldn't, or more likely, deliberately wouldn't see me. Eventually I realised that, short of going over and tugging at his sleeve, I wasn't going to get his attention. I didn't need it anyway really. I know when a pair of shoes fit me or not. So I raked through the pile of stock hidden under the shelf until I found my size. I tried them on, they fit fine and I headed for the till.

I got there and the man standing behind the till looked up from whatever super important task he was doing and informed me that despite appearances...

"Really, this is not a till."
"OK, where are your real tills then"
"That one over there"
"Oh, that one that looks exactly like this one? OK. I'll go over there then."

I walk away from the pretend till and go to the real one as advised.

"Just these sandals please."
"Do you have a rewards card thing?"
"Do you want one?"
"Well you get 10% off your first purchase and every time you buy something you get entered into the prize draw for a hundred quid"
"Uh huh. Go on...."
"It's free i.e. it's not like a store card or anything like that. We just need an email address"
"10% off you say? OK, sign me up"

I give him my email address. (It's a dump account)

"Oh by the way, you'll get sent a catalogue every now and then if you sign up"
"What another one?!"
"Oh, you already get one? That means you get 15% off your purchase today!"
"Excellent, thanks very much."

I turned to walk away with my new rewards card, a new pair of (cheaper than I expected) pair of sandals and and a grin on my face. I glanced up and mouth breather was still lacing up those boots but with my new bargain somehow I didn't feel like making a complaint.





  1. Almost spat out my porridge mate :) yep, you just don't get decent service in any 'chain' these days at all. Seems they spend their efforts on store cards and rewards schemes rather than any kind of Customer Service.

  2. Yep, I think that the chains have forgotten the basics of retail these days. They're all stocked with the same crap, the majority of which, is aimed at "fashionable people" who never really get outdoors.

    I'm only ever in Cotwolds as a last (usually desparate) chance.

    Footprints in glasgow is good. The staff are knowledgable and friendly. They get some better kit in. It's nice and small but that can sometimes be it's downfall i.e. run out of stock of the good stuff or not carry too many brands. They will order stuff in for you to try though. I like to go to them over the big chains everytime.

    Tiso's only redeeming feature is the "Fit Food Cafe" upstairs...and the fact that it's so big you can usually find something good if you hunt hard enough.


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