Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Photo's are a great thing. A snapshot (literally) of a moment, visually frozen in time forever...actual, physical memories you can hold in your hand.

Next week won't be my first visit to the land down under...

I hope the slide show I've embedded up there will work but it's the first time I've tried it in a post and anything could happen. I took these pictures back in 2005 when I spent the best part of that year wandering about Australia and New Zealand.

When I lost best part of 700 gig of stuff of the PC the other month there I managed to save a lot of my pictures. (I have all the OZ and NZ pics backed up elsewhere too) I was sorting through what I still had on the PC and came across a few albums from my time in Australia (From around the time I met the girl that would become my wife) so I though I would share some of them.

They were taken on a long since dead compact film camera (A going away present, Possibly a Canon but I've no idea of the model) before I was even remotely interested in taking nice pictures. (Obviously I didn't take the ones I'm in either) I'm still not that good but I do try to compose my shots a little better these days. I've long since gone to the digital age but I find myself getting more and more interested in learning to take "proper" photo's and am starting to find my current camera (Lumix DMC-FX100) a bit limited in control. I'm not sure if I want to go the whole hog with a DSLR when I come to replace this camera but I'd like something with a bit more control to set up my shots a little better. I'd probably also need some sort of course to go on too though to learn about this stuff properly...

Anyway, I digress. I hope you enjoy the few pics above.


  1. Have a good and safe trip down under, Sandy :-)

  2. Some great photos there Sandy and hopefully there shall be more from the upcoming trip

    As for the upgrading the camera, oh that's another slippery slope. I must admit I do like the fact that I have the potential to fiddle with mine (Panasonic TZ10) but I really have no idea what the dos & don't are so maybe I should go on a course

    Have a great time

  3. Slideshow working fine for me - and looking highly excellent!

    Have a great trip Sandy.

    (I'm thinking of having a go at Beinn na Lap by train tomorrow, so I understand the appeal of these epic travel undertakings.)

  4. Thanks people.

    Oh I'll take loads of photies Elaina, you know me! I've been eyeing up the LX3 or LX5 recently...

    Beinn na lap looks nice and remote, I quite fancy some longer trips camping when I get back. I've just added Beinn na lap to the must do soonish list. I look forward to reading about it Scott.

    I will Jamie, when we doing Ben Lomond?

  5. I'm going to draw attention to something others seem to have missed but you wouldn't have put up if you didn't want people to see...You were pretty proud of your tan, your almost a 6pack & your leopard skin thong weren't you!

  6. I've still got that thong somewhere...will I bring it with me?

  7. You have the thong but you don't have your ticket stubs...Men are strange!

  8. Soon as dude! When you back from Oz?

  9. Flyin' back on the 02nd April. Should be dayshift that week so maybe the weekend after?...or whenever I get back to U time.


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