Tuesday, 1 March 2011


It's starting to feel a wee bit strange at home in the flat. I'm no' liking Louise being away...and no, it's not because I've run out of clean dishes. I still haven't washed any yet mind... It's a weird and a little eerie feeling if I'm honest. Coming home and finding the place dead quiet and everything exactly as I left it. I find myself sticking to the same rituals and habits you get into over time too. I keep waking up having only slept on my side of the bed. The covers on Louise's side aren't even crumpled! I caught myself hanging out towels on both sides of the rail too but seeing as I'm a bloke I left hers there and will use it next week. It's more efficient that way!

I've not even as much as set eyes on a hill since my second last post and I'm no' likely to either until the weekend after next, and even then that may just be spent alternating between sitting on a couch, a bar stool and catching up on missed sleep. Frankly it's pish having to work all this overtime. What makes it worse is that it's self enforced. Need to continue keeping the circling wolves at bay whilst saving spending money for when I get to go out to Australia at the end of March. Nearly 70 hours last week and probably something similar this week too. Aye, as I said "it's pish".

The magic of Skype and a couple of web cams makes it just about bearable though. That and the thought of seeing my wife in the flesh again at the end of the month.


Maybe I'll sneak out for a (short) night walk one of these evenings to recharge and try get things on an even keel?

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