Sunday, 20 February 2011

A variety of moods


I like the fact that like us humans, the hills are also capable of displaying a variety moods. This weekend has been a strange one for me. It's been a mixture of emotions and feelings.

Due to the ridiculousness of the red tape and bureaucracy that we have in this country, it's the last weekend we have together before my wife has to go home to her country of origin (Australia) for what could be anything up to 3 months to apply for "indefinite leave to remain" so that she can live here with me as my wife.

My friends (generally not the hillwalking ones) regularly ask me "why don't you move out there with her?". Considering the futility of fighting against the system, I sometimes wonder myself...but then when I think about it the answer is simple. This landscape in this wee country has such a pull upon me that I don't think I could ever leave it permanently. The longest I've ever been away was for nearly a year. In that time I met the girl who would eventually become my wife and even though I had the usual and expected feelings of missing my family and friends it was really the hills that brought me back...aided by an empty bank account. When I think about Louise changing everything in her life and packing up and coming over here to live I feel a little guilty and somehow weak. She is so much stronger than me.

We aren't looking forward to being apart after being by each other's side for the last few years, yet Louise must undoubtedly be looking forward to seeing family and friends who couldn't make it over for the wedding. We are both looking forward to having the red tape sorted out and I'm flying out in March for a fortnight so we will see each other soon. With the joy of the Internet we shall be able to stay in contact and 3 months isn't really that long when you think about it. We have the rest of our lives together after all.

This weekend has definitely been a strange one.


  1. B#llocks to red tape. Here's hoping that they at least process it quickly so that Louise is back for our lovely Scottish spring

    Safe journey Louise

  2. Thanks Elaina :)


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