Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pick a windae...

...aye, a weather windae that is.

Now that the wedding is over, the guests are all away home and the flat has almost been put back together, it feels good to have some normality creep back in. Louise was back at work today while I had my first real lie in since I went off on holiday nearly 2 weeks ago. I woke up naturally around midday and had a leisurely bath and shave before brunch and then pottering around the flat this afternoon. I tell you going from working every weekend you can and having the stress during the build up to the "Big Day" to suddenly having nothing to do with yourself of an afternoon feels fantastic!

We have plans to see some friends on Fri night so I was going to head for the hills on Saturday, possibly with a wildcamp thrown in. But, when I checked MWIS this afternoon I saw that this currently glorious weather window looks like it may be banged shut on terms of visibility that is. So, taking advantage of my few remaining days off I've changed my intended route for a shorter one and shall be buggering off for some much needed "Sandy time" tomorrow and should be back for cocktails and canap├ęs in the evening.


...away to pack now :o)


  1. Hope you enjoy your Sandy Time! Was supposed to be heading out ourselves this weekend but I've come down with a sodding cold again so that may be cancelled!

  2. Just stumbled back in the door Jamie. Aye, it was good to get out. Seemed much easier today so I'm thinking that the brown inhalor the doc's got me on is starting to work...more on that later though.

    Sorry to hear your not well again...of course if it's the "Man-Flu" I should hope you're in bed with Nicky fussing over you?...If it were me of course, my wife would be fussing over me and mopping my brow ;o)


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