Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I was going to write something humorous at first. I nearly put up the pic Louise took of me behind a portcullis at Stirling castle last week (looks like I'm behind bars). I was going to ask silly questions about dealing with a nagging wife but somehow I just couldn't write it down in a way that seemed appropriate so I'm not going to.

Instead here's a wee excerpt from our speech that I nervously mumbled and stumbled through...

"We've told you the story of how we met, now I'm supposed to tell you why I've married my beautiful wife but don't worry...I'll try not to have you reaching for the sick bucket! When I ask myself why, I can only say that it's because I truly love Louise and I just can't imagine her not being in my life now...and as clich├ęd as it sounds she's not just my lover but my closest friend and companion also... And I reckon she must love me too, as she has uprooted and come half way round the world to live here with me in Scotland."


My wife and I (see what I did there!) would like to thank everyone who who helped us. Everything from financial contributions, transport, accomodating guests, photographs right down to tying my shoe laces in the morning. Those that came from far and near to help us celebrate our big day. I won't go into names on here for fear of pressing publish before the list is complete but you all know who you are. We couldn't have done it without you!

Love Louise and Sandy


  1. Lovely photie! I've seen the.. ahem.. less formal photos and know you all had a great time :-)
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Taboureau!

  2. Just to let you know btw. the extremely less formal photo that was taken has been deleted just in case either of you were worried it would ever end up anywhere. We agreed on the way home it was best if that rather naughty photo was deleted. I'll have a look through my calender soon and throw some dates at you for a possible Ben Lomond camp! Really chuffed you found each other! J

  3. Very eloquently put there Mr T and I want to thank you and Louise for wanting us there to share your big day, wouldn't have missed it for the world :-)
    To new beginnings

  4. Mr and Mrs, deda de de daada!!

    All the Best then :-)

  5. Aye, you're punching above your weight ;)

  6. Thanks everyone! We got the marriage certificate this morning. Life is slowly returning to normal round here. I like being a married man.

    Jamie, Ben Lomond? Was I agreeing to stuff while slightly innebriated again? I've not been for a camp up there for a while so yeah, go look at the calender dude!

    Fraser, yes...yes I am but so far I seem to be getting away with it!

  7. Congratulations, the pair of you!


  8. Congratulations. Hope there is many happy years ahead.

  9. Not sure I really believe Jamie has deleted that photo! ;)

    Seriously though, congratulations again, thanks for inviting us to a fantastic evening!

  10. I'm not sure if he has either AT, I reckon Mrs BBF will be dissapointed tho if it has gone forever! As long as it doesn't go on OM I'm no caring...in fact I don't care if it goes up there either but after "bathgate" you never know who might complain :o)


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