Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Whilst there's been no mountains recently I've not just been sitting on my arse you know...

...well actually I have, but not like the proverbial couch potato.

With all the time spent working recently (got m'self a wedding to pay for you know!) and not really all that interested in getting up the hills in the heat anyway I'd been missing out on some much needed "me" time. I was also beginning to feel very unfit due to the lack of activity.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being an "only child" or if I'm just generally anti social sometimes but find that I crave my own company every now and then. It's when I get peace sort out my life's problems in my head or occasionally I just empty my head of everything except putting one foot in front of the other. If I don't get my "me" time I end up getting a sort of mild form of cabin fever and get crabbit with folk (even more so than usual).

To combat these periods when the hills are off limits I kept trying to get into running but my body has a love/hate relationship with it. I love the idea of moving through a landscape under my own steam to get the exercise and have some peace while doing it. The exercise endorphins and resolved issues make me feel refreshed and generally happier with my lot. The trouble is, is my knees don't like it and I get shinsplints after my second run which then keeps me indoors again until it's healed up.

Baah what to do? Then it hit me. I'll buy a bike says me! I'll cycle to work again now that I live closer to it and get a work out and some "me" time most day's of the week! I used to cycle to work back when I lived and worked in East Kilbride but then had to stop when work moved out to the other side of Glasgow.

I missed my old heavy mountain bike with the knobbly tires and heavy front suspension forks and then I remembered how slow I was. I remembered the guy on the skinny racer that flew past me every day no matter how hard I pedaled, I wanted to be that guy this time around. So I went out and got myself a new steed!




I've been using it to cycle the 7 mile round trip in and out of work at least 3 days per week for the last month and a half and I'm lovin' it. I feel great for the exercise. I've lost nearly 6 kilo's in as many weeks. My mood is generally better. I'm sleeping more soundly and I can't wait to see if the increased fitness is going to carry me up the hills more easily in the winter.

It's a fast, nippy and light aluminium frame with carbon forks. It comes in yellow and I can keep pace with traffic unless I'm climbing. I can smoke most vehicles at the lights (until we reach about 15 mph then they obviously win having the petrol/diesel advantage). It has a lower end groupset but it changes gear smoothly and seems tough and reliable (bear in mind I'm an engineer therefore I like to tinker with all things mechanical by default). As the groupset is cheaper I wont shed tears when I come to replace/upgrade it in years to come.

The bike really has been my best friend recently. It's kept me sane, got me in and out of work saving me petrol money (and saving the planet) and getting me fitter all the while! I just wish I'd got one as soon as we moved to hamilton!

Oh and did I mention that it's yellow? that makes it Bigbananafeet's Bigbananabike!


  1. Nice bike. Good idea getting that bike. Challenged me that. I might have a go on one myself. That and getting my too clean mountain bike on a trail some weekends as well. You will fly up them hills at the rate you are going to get fit.

  2. Six kilos in six weeks! Steady on there fella.

    I agree bikes are the biz. Cycling is one of the few things Holland is good for and I still get a kick out of blasting through the dunes on my blood-red, steel machine (as everybody knows red bikes go faster).

  3. Thanks Martin, I'm really looking forward to a winter on the hills and I'm hoping this is going to pay big dividends. I must admit though I've been eyeing up bikes for the rough stuf too...just dont tell Louise.

    Dave, the weight has been coming off at a constant rate but I suspect it will begin to peter out very soon unless I either increase my mileage or change my diet. Trust me I'm in no hurry to change the diet anytime soon! I've went from 85Kilos to hovering around 79Kilos.

  4. Red V yellow? I fel a race coming on :o)


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