Saturday, 4 September 2010

Nothing to see here

Well that's really been about the size of it for the last couple of months...

The photie above reminds me of this place of late...desolate, lonely and empty.

I've not been out at all really since the the last post on here. For me the hills lose their shine during the summer months. I don't function well in the heat, it makes me a crabbit bastard and I don't enjoy the exertion at all. I find the heat oppressive and it sucks the joy out of the outdoors for me. It seems that the lack of motivation to get out has also stemmed the flow of words for this place too. I suppose that makes sense though as the hills and the time that I enjoy being in them is the real inspiration for this place.

My mood is softening a little though as it really has been getting noticeably cooler these last few mornings and has had me poring over maps and thinking about the routes I still want to do this year.

The thing is about the hills though is, that even although they have been all tarnished and unappealing to me for the last wee while, they always manage to lure me back in. They are a constant that never goes away and I'm glad for it. Being up a hill will always be king no matter what.

I also still like lookin' at that photie up there.


  1. Wont be long before the first frost and cold breezes will soon be keeping you cool on the hill. Planes to go to the hills deserve to include new kit as well I hope.

  2. There will be kit getting its first outing soon that was aquired a few months ago but nothing brand new as such.

    Until the wedding is out the way there's been an embargo on kit...mostly, but that's for another post...

    Does taking ancient stuff I've not looked at in over a year count though?

  3. winter is a coming, winter is a coming.....

    hooray for cold mornings, clear skies and no insects! :)


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