Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Lamb Lyllpuri please!

Just back after 2 glorious wild camps in quick succession. The first one can be read about already here and here and probably coming soon here also. My version of events will be up soon enough.

Last night was Louise's first proper wildcamp, and damn was it a good one!


Rucksacks shall be unpacked tomorrow and the words and photies will be up soon enough. For now I'm on the couch awaiting delivery of a "Ruby Murray" and enjoying a cold beer.


  1. That photo does look rather good. Wildcamping and seeing that deserves a beer and curry when you get home.

  2. Weyhey :-)) Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the story

    Getting itchy feet but have just seen the forecast for the weekend so no chance of proper hill therapy for me. I shall just have to be patient

  3. Right that's it, after seeing Elaina, Petesy and now your TWO wild camps I'm going to have to get a wild camp in! Can't really complain though as I had a fantastic weekend with the Ayrshire Cub at Kinlochleven!

  4. I'm sat on my chair at work shaking as I need a wild camp!!!!! Can't believe I've still not wild camped yet this year!!!!! Can't believe you've had to fantastic ones within a few days of each other, fantastic way to show Louise what it is all about too getting such great weather on her first. Awesome photo, i'm soooo jealous!


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