Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Things always look better in the morning

I'd have missed it if I'd taken a pee pot along with my poo pot!

After a day spent on the edge of the plateau brushing up on winter nav, we descended (along with the weather) into Coire Domhain. We dug in, in foul whiteout conditions coupled with a bitter knife-edged wind. It was worth it for the morale boosting sunrise alone and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


  1. It's moments like these that vindicate sleeping out in sub-zero temperatures in glorified wendy house. Superb!

  2. Magic moment you had there. Views like that is why we go to the hills.

  3. I half wished I had a wendy house with me that night. I could've got into it after the few minutes taken to pitch it instead of the 3 or 4 hours spent digging a snow hole out of varying layers of windslab, neve and eventually ice.

    At least it was hot work digging it and I didnt have to listen to the flap of silnylon all night.

  4. Ah, a snow hole eh?

    More alt. snow shelters:

  5. "the flap of silnylon all night."

    Get yourself a Stephenson's Warmlite Sir! No flapping sil-nylon - tight pitching - like a drum!

  6. Can't wait to here the story. The joys of winter adventures :-)

  7. Great Stuff Sandy! I take it your shovel still worked after we had wrecked it digging your car out? Still can't get over what a top weekend we got for doing it! J

  8. Elaina I'm writing it now, I intended to have it up earlier this afternoon but I've just woken up after dozing off on the couch after work.

    Jamie, it was a little blunter than stephens one but we managed fine. I'll clean it up with a file and it'll be grand. Patched and scratched gear looks more hardcore anyway! It's deffinitely paid for itself in a weekend though.


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