Tuesday, 23 March 2010


That's pretty much the main noise I'm making now interspersed with a hacking tickly cough just for variety. I'm sitting here wrapped up in my Oscar the Grouch fleece that I couldnt resist, seeing as it was on the Tiso sale rail.

Grouch is probably a good way to describe my mood too. Going stir crazy stuck indoors due to a combination of back shift/night shift rotation and illness. There's been the usual work stress. My iPhone froze last night when I tried to update the software and now I have an appointment with the "Genius" this afternoon. Bluurg!

Anyway there's some fun planned for this weekend so fingers crossed I'll be feeling better by friday.


  1. You have my sympathy mainly because I'm under the weather myself and hoping for an improvement before Friday :-(

    Get Weel Soon :-)

  2. Thanks Mac E, I hope things get better for you quickly as well.

    If they don't for me I shall beat my cold into submission by thrashing it up and down some mountains this weekend. That'll show it!

  3. Ha Ha Genius bar, if he tells you to turn it off and on again hit him with the damn thing.


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