Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Blowin' the cobwebs away

While the offer to go shopping and gear fondling with the girls was tempting I opted out in favour of a wee daunder up Cairn Table. It's one of my favourite spots for a bimble underneath a big sky with only my thoughts for company and I hadn't been up there yet this year.

I alway's enjoy the drive to Strathaven and then Muirkirk, its so close to the city and towns but yet it's still very rural and quiet. A bit of glorious local countryside hiding in plain view. I honestly hope the continual urban encroachment never makes it out here. Along the winding, involving and best of all quiet roads I opened the sunroof and enjoyed the fresh air flowing into the car untill I arrived at the wee carpark.

I shouldered my pack and set off across the familiar moor heading away from Kames. The weather was looking pretty changeable with bands of heavy clouds sitting low and blowing across the sky ready to burst at at any time. The sun keeking through in between, rainfall russian roulette. I wandered along not really concerned with anything, just enjoying the cold air on my face and the sense of a wide open space. I like it here.

I wasn't long before reaching the familiar war memorial on the wind scoured summit. There was a squall coming across from Wardlaw hill so I sheltered in the windbreak cairn behind the Trig pillar and enjoyed the view with a cup of hot juice from my flask while I waited on the inevitable big wet drops to fall from above.

They arrived soon enough and brought with them the cloud to blot out my view. I pulled on my waterproof top and set off down the way I had come up. 15 minutes later I was out the cloud and the waterproof top was back in the pack. 20 minutes later and I was switching the heater in the car on. I glanced at my watch and realised I'd only been out for about 2 hours. All that postholing in the snow of late must be having a positive effect on the old fitness. I was back on the couch with a coffee before the girls got back from the shops!


  1. It's nice to re-connect with familiar hills :-)

    But didn't you really wish you'd joined us shopping ;-)

  2. Nice writing! And ahh, what I would give for some of those big wet drops, its a blizzard outside yet again, covering the streets in another layer of snow.

  3. I know that feeling well Hendrik.

    A few years ago, about 6 months into backpacking around Australia, I would have paid decent money to have had some proper Scottish rain. For a while in the summer I was living in Sydney and we got Thunderstorms from the humidity every evening. My flat mates thought I was mad for going out deliberately in only shorts and a cotton T-shirt too wander in the rain. It wasn't the same as at home though when the rain stopped you could see the pavement dry off in literally a few minutes.


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