Friday, 5 February 2010

Some you win some you lose, but...

...I suppose everything balances out in the end anyway. I got a wee package in the post at work today from those nice chaps at Needle Sports. A while ago when I was ordering my Kahtoolas from them I mentioned my Grivel Airtechs with the dreaded GSB. I had read somewhere that you could "mod" them at "your own personal risk of course" to get rid of the prong and fit a Cramp-o-matic bail. The nice man on the other end of the phone told me he had a pair of front sections from last years G12 model which should fit. They could be mine for a donation to charity.

Well after much cursing and swearing, a sore finger and eventually being reduced to pleading with little bits of metal (christ, that's just a normal day at work for me!) I had to finally admit defeat. It wont fit. I could make it fit; but it would be more hassle than it's worth and probably a little dubious on the safety aspect anyway.

Ach well, never mind as they say. My GSB soles have plenty of life left in them yet, so my crampons won't fall off and I won't go hurtling to my death while trying desparately to remember how to ice axe least not any time soon that is.

There's a wee donation winging it's way here, where I'd like to think it will help in some small way.

I also found this rather appropriate (for this place anyway) beer when in Asda picking up a few essentials this afternoon. It'll probably taste disgusting but I'll be drinking it tonight while packing for tomorrow's adventures with some friends.

See, I told you it'd balance out nicely. Looking back at the page I've just written I see more wins than loses!

Know anybody who needs a replacement pair of G12 front sections? In the spirit of goodwill and joy etc they're free to a good home.


  1. Hey, BBF, if I've read you right, those are the entire front section of an old-style G12, complete with plastic cradle? I could well be interested - my G12s look like the same style but they've got a wire bale that fits brilliantly on my ski boots but I'm always a little nervous of on a rounded walking boot toe.

    Could you bring them to the Cairngorm trip at the end of th month? If they're compatible I'll take them off you and make another donation to your chosen cause.

  2. Nae bother Matt, You read correctly.

    There's no Anti balling plates or shim etc, thats off my airtechs. It's just the metal forefoot section with attached cradle.

  3. Aye, that's fine, that's what I thought.

    I've got anti-balling plates for mine, but they take the old style black ones from when the front section was a bit longer (Needlesports website explains it all). I wonder if the same one's will fit these. We'll see....


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