Saturday, 13 February 2010

Photo test

Who's a charlatan now then?


  1. Great photo!

    I don't like it though that you cut off your RSS feed, why not show all?

  2. Ahh sorry Hendrik, I'm experimenting with different photo hosting. I'd like my photo's that I post on here to be able to open up full size when you click them. Normally I use photobucket and copy and paste the HTML link to the photo straight into the HTML editor when writing a post.

    With the photo above I used picasaweb to host and used their HTML to link back to the album. I think I might have broken the feed when playing with it.

    That's the only photo I put in the album on picasa. It was from the Ben Hiant trip last weekend. The best ones from that trip are already up here.

    I need to have a look at how I'm uploading photos here until I get the format the way I want them.

    Glad you like it though :o)

  3. Whaddaya mean ;o)

    It's exactly as I remember it! Hand on heart there was no editing of the colour using any fancy programs like photoshop etc.

    I need to speak to you anyway about how you're uploading pics to your page. I think I'm doing it wrong.

    Coffee and cake sometime this week?

  4. How about climbing, coffee & cake?


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