Thursday, 25 February 2010

ooh shiny.....

I'm sitting here eatin' ma tea, nearly all packed and gettin' all excited about the coming weekends adventuring. Assuming of course that the man opens some of those closed roads from today's snow and I can actually get up to Aviemore...

I nipped out to Cotswolds on the way home from work today to grab some last minute essentials and in the corner of my eye I caught a glint of shiny blue. I was drawn towards it helplessly for a fondle. Powerless to resist the hard anodised finish I hefted the (surprisingly light) tool in the air and was immediately transported to some far off snow capped peak. Basking in the alpenglow, I surveyed my perfect snow hole I'd just dug that was to be home for the night. I knew I would be sleeping well ready for the next day's glorious mountain adventure. I climbed in and leant my shiny blue digging tool against the wall and BOOMF! I was back in Cotswolds looking for where they keep the tins of gas.

I selected my 100wt tin and thumbed through the book stand glancing over at the shiny shiny blue. I could hear it whispering and calling to me. I dont need a new shovel I thought, my snow claw is more than adequate. Sure it has it's limitations but it's never let me down, flattening out the bumps before the tent goes up. Digging out a seat to sit in out the wind. I'd probably only ever really use the shiny blue the once this weekend for digging my snow hole on the OM winterskills 2010. I bought my gas, a few other bits and bobs and went back to the car. I threw my bag on the passenger seat and walked round to the drivers door and climbed in. I put my key in the ignition, reached down for the gear knob and TING! out of the corner of my eye there it was. The shiny blue glow peaking out from the plastic bag on the seat. Well...I suppose it could live in the boot after this weekend.

I'm weak and should'nt be allowed out by myself near gear shops


  1. Weak indeed! :)
    is that your gear in them there boxes? very neat.

  2. Aye it is. My dirty secret is out I suppose.
    There's nothing wrong with having a kit room is there ;o)

  3. That'll be great when you get the trots on a wild camp too! Those pesky little trowls are not great when you've had a Mountain House curry the night before!

  4. LOL I needed a good giggle, have fun this weekend, and go cearful. Love to you both.

  5. LOL reminds me of Coin's staff in Sourcery, be careful it doesn't try & manipulate you into anything more than liberating it from Cotswolds!

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  7. It must have been your magnetic personality that attracted the shovel . Anyway you can now keep track of when the beer is ready.


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