Thursday, 4 February 2010

Marmot Superhero first wee look

During my walk up An Caisteal and Beinn a Chroin the weekend before last I spent the first half of the day on snow capped hills with blue skies behind. As I scrambled down off An Caisteal and made my ascent of the second munro the weather closed in fairly quickly. I had biting winds in almost (but not quite full) whiteout with the windblown ice crystals stinging my face and eyes. I pulled up my trusty purple bufff and cursed myself for forgetting my goggles. My gloved hand was no real substitute for the goggles as it only works if the wind is blowing the right way (does it ever?) and only leaves one hand free to hold/use ice axe and compass. The icy wind cut right through my buff as if it wasn't there.

In that bloody frozen ,yet still fun and joyous, romp along the ridge I decided two things. First I would never forget my goggle in winter again and second I must get a more hardcore replacement for the trusty buff and beanie combo...

...and here it is.

It's the Marmot Superhero. It's not just a cool name there's some thought gone into its construction. It's all down to the clever use of the right fabric in the right place. I didn't want something made completely from windstopper as balaclava's that hardcore restrict your hearing a bit (think jogging with headphones on, a sensation I don't like) and would be too hot and sweaty when moving I think.

The superhero uses a mix two different polartec fabrics. You have the usual Polartec Powerstrech around your bonce to keep you warm and allow moisture out sound in etc. Round your face, ears and front neck you have Polartec Windpro to take the bite out of the icy blast.

The cut is quite clever too. It allows you to have your face exposed and the fabric grips around your'e chin snugly or you can pull the fabric up over your mouth and nose where it stays put. Often to my annoyance I find my buff slips down after a while so I'm quite pleased with this.

It's no heavier than a beanie, it feels well made and has a cosy snug feel the second you put it on. It's also comfortable under a hood and a helmet. I think it will become standard winter, grab automatically kit.


  1. There is a Natwest on Buchanan Street that has had a poster up for a few months asking if anyone has seen you!

  2. Is it Louise that insisted you get a gimp mask? She told us at Glencoe she was into that sort of thing?

  3. You should see her whip collection ;o)


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