Tuesday, 5 January 2010

On, Off, On, Off, On, Off, Off, Off

That'll be BT providing their usual unbeatable service again. If this carries on any longer I'll be refusing to pay their bill. Maybe then they'll fix it.

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  1. Had a similar problem as I moved in 2008 to my new flat, where my local provider told me for a month that my connection is fine and running. Another month later they had a technician here, who figured out that "my" connection is actually up, but across the patio in the other half of the building...

    Hope you get your net up soon!

  2. If you're after a recommendation, try Be Unlimited. They only do some areas, but service is first class and very reasonably priced.

    I was originally on their 24meg £25 p/m product, never got that speed, but it was still competitive at that time.

    When they launched their 8meg service, they contacted me to say, 'you'd be better off on the new tariff, as you only get about 6-7meg in reality anyway'. No charge, no fuss, I just confirmed I wanted to switch and they did it for me.

    Saved me a tenner a month. Would BT ever do this? Service is reliable and fast, too...

  3. Hope you manage to get it sotrted soon. I must admit that I have had great service from O2 Home Broadband. It did help that I got a year for nothing but even now I'm only paying £8 a month and have had not a single problem.

    Let's hope I haven't jinxed myself!!


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