Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's a blue light for go!

Hopefully it'll stay that way and BT have finally managed to catch whatever nasty wee gremlin it was that was screwing up my broadband.

There's been a fair bit of change here recently at Bigbananatowers with Louise taking teaching a job down in Dun's I'm left home alone to my own devices through the week (telly and beer!). It's nice and peacefull at times but it still feels a bit strange coming home to an empty flat. Even when I was on nightshift and we didn't manage to pass each other in the morning there was something nice about climbing into a bed bed thats still warm from the previous occupant....so many jokes to be had here about farting between the sheets ;o)

I went down to visit Louise the other weekend there during all the snow which wasn't really as apocalyptic as the news would've had us believe. It was fun to drive in though. Rear wheel drive and ABS thats been broken since I bought the old rust bucket! Yee Hah! I can't decide whether the best part was watching the guy in a brand new 7 series BMW, try to overtake the slow coach in front which resulted in an impressive 900 degree pirouette onto the other side of the dual carriageway or when I went sailing past the big Mitsubishi Shogun wheel spinning like crazy to try get uphill. To be fair though if I'd stopped on that hill I'd never have gotten started again, it was sheer momentum that took me up it.

It was cold and the snow was much deeper in Dun's but it didn't stop us getting out for a bit of a walk to feed the ducks. It seems a really quiet nice place and well into the country. I'll need to look at a map of the area and see where's nice to walk there. See! It's not all pointy landscapes!

Well I'm off to catch up on other blogs and the forums etc before BT realise I'm back online and fiddle with something...


  1. Welcome back :-D Hope there's no more issues

    We really need to try and meet up soon, even if it is just for cuppas and gear talk

  2. Yay, just happened to drop by, glad the BT nightmares might be sorted (don't tell me!!)

    Oh, loved the BigBananaIcicle :))

  3. Aye great BigBananaIcicle! :-)

    Bloody rubbish utility conmpanies!

  4. It's good to be back! It's quite surprising how dependant modern life has become on the world wide web.

    The icicle was on Louise's door frame in the morning, I barely touched it and it fell off. Scary!

    Elaina, I'm dayshift this week and then back shift next week, I fancy a wee poke about Tiso's, not been in ages...then again I haven't bee to the wall for a while either.


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