Friday, 6 November 2009 walking pole extender, first wee shufty.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest...

In amongst the mail I picked up from my mum's the other day I discovered a short thin surprise package from some very nice people, Bob and Rose.

It's used to connect two walking poles together which can then be used to hold up some tipi style tents such as the Golite Shangri La 3 also known as Bigbananafeet's Bigbananatent. It means if you use trekking/walking poles you could carry this wee gadget weighing in at a very respectable 46g and ditch the heavy 400g pole supplied with the tent. That's a massive weight saving for under 13 quid!

In the past I've used my Mountain King Carbon Expedition poles bottom sections joined with the chopped down handle section from an old pair of Alpkit carbons I destroyed on the West Highland Way last year. Not everybody has old broken poles lying around however, so this is a fantastic solution. In fact I'd say it's an even better solution than my old one as with this you are connecting the upper sections of your pole together rather than the bottom sections. This means the pole is a bit stiffer and you have the nice blunt handle ends pressing into the fly and groundsheet rather than the pointy carbide tipped ends. I faffed around with various items such as coffee jar lids and those old washing up liquid balls to cap my pole ends.

Trust me, Bob's solution is much more elegant and will tested out in some winter weather very, very soon!

Oh aye and best of all, my big yellow tent now has a purple bit in the middle ;o)


  1. I take it from our experiment at Red Squige that this will be nae good for my Alpkit Carbons BBF?

  2. I'm not sure about the Alpkit Carbons, I haven't seen the current model but it should be ok in the old model. It won't fit your skinny pacers though I'm sure.

    The extender is to fit a 14mm inside diameter Tube. Measure across the opening on the bottom of the middle section of you poles, if its 14mm you're good to go :o)

  3. I never realised that there was so much kit around for going walking/climbing etc.

  4. Oops don't know why I said Alpkit I mean my pacers. Skinny!!! They are frowning on top of my wardrobe now and not impressed at being called Skinny! ;-)

  5. Ahh I see now, I wondered if youd gone out and bought another pair of poles.

    Well they are thinner than most poles, mind you not as skinny as some!

  6. hi now have one off these but what to use for floor ?heard anymore about the half nest ?? read in augusts TGO about a VAPR bivi but cant find them over here and as for those pegs what pegs are you using? ta peter

  7. Currently if I'm in it with Louise I'll use the standard nest as we can split the weight beween us. If I'm on my own I'll use the MLD soul bivi with a side zip.

    One thing to cosider when using a tarp/tarptent is that the trp should be waterproof meaning your bivi should only need to be able to deal with the odd drip rather than be waterproof. That means it can be even lighter and much more breathable. That said though the trusty old Rab Survival Zone can usually be had very cheap.

    I'll be out this weekend in the snow with mine so I'll be wanting a little extra floor space. I'm going to use a bit of old tarpauln cut to fit me and a wee bit to the side to put my stuff. Its very light and folds up flat to fit down the back of my pack with my sleeping mat. It's the woven and laminated polythene stuff. you can pick it up cheap in B&Q etc.

    I thought about buying a propper floor ad making it into a half size but I think Bob has plans for a half size nest to sell. I think a half size nest would be infinitely more useable so I'll wait till then.

  8. Just spotted this on Bobs website

    A cheaper alternative to the MLD and you wont have to wait as long for it. Looks like a better bet than the survival zone too.

  9. Oh aye and the pegs I'm using are the cam cleat blue ones.

    The standard ones are very good if a little uncomfortable i the hand. Drill a hole in the end and fit a cord to make removing them easier. Alpkit do similar "Y" pegs for much cheapness also.

  10. thanks for the info,spoke to bob at backpacking light and he HOPES to have a half nest ready for early next year . bit early but merry xmas enjoying the 1 st sunshine in cumbria for 3 months was a suprise to SEE the mountains not just cloud and rain rain rain regards peter


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