Thursday, 26 November 2009

Soggy or exhilarating? It's all a matter of perspective.

From inside my new Haglofs LIM Ozone things looked fine.

Anyway, just think how annoyed I'd be spending all that dosh on some shiny new gear to then just stuff it in my pack never to be seen again? That's what this is for ;o)

I started in the car park in Arrochar, but instead of making my way off up the usual switchback path to the Cobbler or Beinn Narnain. I took the more direct, steeper and far less frequented path on your right about 50 or so metres after crossing over the road.

All the run off from the constant rain we've been having of late had turned it into a wee gurgling stream. I climbed steadily until I popped out out on the intersecting horizontal track at approx 300m. Here I turned right and followed the track towards Succoth under gloomy and threatening skies.

Eventually coming to a fork in the track, I took the left hand side to stay on the track round to Coiregrogain. I wanted a decent walk but didn't fancy the tops with the weather so keech. It was a while since I'd been out this far on this track and I'd been going the other way back to Arrochar then. Going this way gave the track a feeling of freshness and variety which I was enjoying in my solitude.

Looking back to Arrochar and Loch Long.

Not the usual view.

Loch Sloy Dam with Ben Vorlich to the right.

As I plunged deeper into the trees the weather gods must've noticed that I was out despite their best efforts at keeping us outdoor types subdued, and opened the tap some more. I wasn't fussed though. I just peeled off my damp windproof top, donned the wet proofs and laughed some more.

There was water everywhere but I felt warm as soon as I started moving again. There was constant interest. Everywhere I looked the cloud was constantly moving revealing the familiar shapes and bulges of these hills. The cloud was low but never close enough to envelop me. The bad weather was keeping the crowds away but I was enjoying a wee bit of "Bigbananafeet time" thinking my thoughts in peace. With careful route choice and the right mindset a day spent battling the elements can be an invigorating and refreshing experience rather than just being miserable.

Reaching the Coiregrogain I was decided that the LIM Ozone was a fantastic jacket. I felt a sort of snug, possibly even smug, secureness from inside it that I've never had before in mountain jacket. It's down to the build quality and the fit I suppose. Even though the Jacket is very light, it has the feel of a tough full on winter shell. I foresee many winter blizzards this year, spent in relative comfort peeking through that genius hood at the horror outside. I was even pleasantly surprised when the jacket wasn't pulled uncomfortably out of shape when I stuffed the old iconograph into the chest pocket...Cough RAB Super Dru cough cough!

I left the Loch Sloy/Inveruglas road and crossed over Inveruglas water to follow the track through Glen Loin. The wind picked up and the weather really let me have it now. Almost doubling its efforts, but it was all in vain. There was a spring in my step that carried me all the way back to the flask of hot chocolate awaiting me in the car.

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  1. Very dry Jamie...'cept my old montane atomic breeks let in ever so slightly. Mind you they are several years old and have quite a few duct tape patch ups.

    Yay indeed Blondie, it wont be the rain/snow keeping me indoors this weekend. The snotters and sneezes might though...then again they might not :o)

  2. Sending healing vibes your way and hope you get out to play


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