Friday, 20 November 2009

Pure scunnered!

It's a fair description I'd say

After settling nicely into Bigbananatowers the shiny sheen has been tarnished somewhat. Sure, the comfy leather sofas have been installed facing the big new telly and the "gear room" is coming together nicely but we recently discovered that the damn shower has been leaking. For the last two months the water has been running out from underneath the shower and under the wall into the bedroom under the carpet. As a result the skirting board has swollen and popped off the wall, the door frame has swollen so the door wont close and the the underlay is sodden. At least the carpet didn't get damaged and to be fair the builder has been very good about coming back and forwards to get it sorted.

There's been some dramas at work too, however I'd probably best not say too much about it on here. What I will say though is that I was on the receiving end of some of the nastier aspects of human nature...and that's before I mention the usual office politics crap.

Then we come to the weather...

How windy?

"Southerly, soon increasing to around 50mph, gusts 70mph. Perhaps temporarily 65mph with gusts to 90mph."

How wet?

"Heaviest rain will fall on southern ranges. Risk of flooding - very wet underfoot."

Cloud on the hills?

"Increasingly extensive."

I don't give two hoots though, I'm still going out to play tomorrow.


  1. You know what, i've been looking for something to describe my feelings about work just now and i did write a full page on my blog about it but decided against actually posting it in case of a law suit! But Oor Wullie above captures it all really. Scunnered indeed...

  2. It has been a tad windy of late and there has been a little bit of rain (ahem). It didnt stop me the last 2 days but in reality the weather has been very good in South Wales

  3. Here, whats wrong with having a gear room?

    I know what you mean ange, sometimes you have to be careful what you post, you never know who's reading. You can never stay scunnered for long when you read a wee bit of Oor Wullie ;o)

    Dave I've just got back in, sometimes a walk in the rain can be...exhilarating! I must say that Haglofs LIM Ozone is a fantastic jacket!

  4. Aye The Broons and Oor Wullie are always in my big sisters Christmas list... And she's 35!
    I remember when my wee cousin (who's now 22 and has long dark poker straight hair) was about 6 she started crying reading it and we asked her why? She said she wanted a perm like The Broon Bairn - it was so funny!
    Where were you oot? Or are you midway through a trip blog post?..

  5. I ended up on the trails above Succoth to Coiregrogain then returning to Arrochar via Glen Loin. I'll post about it later on, it was great to get out despite the weather.

  6. The Broons & Oor Wullie are the mutts nuts of Scottish popular culture :-)

    Must be something in the air around the work issue - lots appeared to be scunnered. I will never post anything about work on internet as I have seen how it has lost people their jobs!!So be wary

    Glad to see you managed out to play and look forward to reading about it

  7. Work? Bah 'tis a neccessary evil.

    How's the shoulder?

  8. Getting better thanks :-)
    Will need to watch what I;m doing for a wee while but should hopefully be back climbing soon :-D


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