Saturday, 14 November 2009

Be carefull out there...

There are bad, bad men who work in shops who tempt and prey on innocent types.

"Yes mr Bigbananafeet, just try on this other one from Haglofs on. Its the same shape. Here try a fleece underneath, yes lovely. See the way the arm articulation prevents the jacket riding up at the back and they way the hood moves with your head. Beautiful sir and it even fits your helmet underneath. Very fetching sir. Of course sir it doesn't matter that there's hardly any left anywhere of that particular model, we can order it in especially for you. Yes, its imperative you must get one of these before winter sets in. Just look how shiny it is, feel how smooth that pro shell feels against your base layer or powerstretch top blah blah etc etc blah."

A week or so later and the phone rang...

Yes, I am weak...but its so shiny!


  1. Is that a "record player" in the background?


  2. Aye... the new shiny couch is smart!
    Hey we've got lots of Abba albums and 7" singles you could have for that there record player! ;o)

  3. Yep, in fact its one of two record for the other hobby.

    Oh yeah, the couches arived earlier this week. I've been working a Bigbananafeet arse shaped groove into tis one. All the Star Wars films in order...only 2 to go!

  4. pmsl

    another moment of weakness :)

    join the rest of us!

  5. hi,not sure where to ask this but thinking of buying this years hex when they sell off ready for next years any more info on your useage? read about the arrochar trip and it sounded it stood up for itself ta peter

  6. Hi Peter

    Aye, it definitely stood up for itself. T he tipi shape does offer huge amounts of internal space without catching the wind. I'm very hapy taking it out in wild weather. The one thing I'd suggest to do before heading out in stormy weather would be to seal the seams to prevent any drips getting through.

    I need to get some more trips out with it soon, the last few have been with the Laser Comp. I'm looking forward to some winter wild camping up high on the summits with it.


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