Friday, 30 October 2009

Its good to be back!

I've finally been reconnected to the weird and sometimes disturbing world on the internet. It was nice at first to have a wee holiday from the world of technology but after a while it just got annoying not being able to post on here, read emails, internet banking etc, etc.

Anyway winter is just around the corner and I've been thinking about my winter gear recently, specifically footwear. I've just got my hands on a nice new shiny pair of steel Kahtoolas and I've been seeing just what I can fit them to.

I reckon I'm gonna be doing some wholly irresponsible stuff soon in these bad boys combined with waterproof socks...

A step too far?

and if that doesnae work, I'll stick em on my Keens ;o)


  1. not in the least used grivel cramps on my targhees all last winter,out once a week in lakes all winter with no probs well apart from cant get keens to last longer than 9 mths!!!! but what else to wear???

  2. Crampons, Trail shoes, G-Tex socks and winter socks is the future!! Now if only it snowed over here :(

  3. My kahtoolas will be going on my Montrails as soon as the snowy stuff hits this winter....
    cant wait! :)

  4. My only concern really is the fact that the Salomons are low cut. They're so comfy though that they are the first pair of shoes I reach for when heading oot. Thats why the Targhees have hardly had a look in this year. I'll have to try a pair of Fastpackers on...

  5. Ok do you wear gutties (trail shoes) in the snow?! What about cold feet? that's my only concern. I get cold feet with my boots on.

  6. Heavier socks with G'Tex ones over the top should keep the cold out. It's one of these personal subjective things again I'm afraid.

    I got caught out on Ben Cruachan last year with the Salomons, micro spikes and G'Tex socks in the snow last year and I was ok. I only got cold tootsies when I stopped moving. Extra socks under the G'Tex should be ok for me I think.

  7. If Freddie Krueger wore gutties, that's what they'd look like.


  8. Looking good, and welcome back. I think I need to have a look at these thingys, if they make them as a city version as well they should come in very handy here.

  9. Thanks Hendrik. A city version, eh?

    Kahtoola also make the Microspike. They're very good and fit into a pocket when not in use. I used them last year for running around town when there was snow, ice about and was very impressed. I'll also stick them in my rucksack lid on those days when a little extra grip might be required but cramps and ice axe are overkill.

    There's also the aluminium crampons which are less agressive than the steel ones but still work like a proper crampon.

    PTC know more about these though

  10. I've got another pair of doodahs for running on ice as well which are quite good (can't remember the name). They have what looks like coiled springs on their sides that run diagonally across your sole. They are great on ice but not so good on snow unless its hard packed.

    I'll need to do a wee bit on all of these soon.


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