Thursday, 8 October 2009


Assuming I still have any readers/listeners/followers given the absence of any content on here I feel I should offer a wee update of events.

First of all the move into "Bigbananatowers" is almost complete, we're living in there and are very happy. The blinds are now installed so we can sleep in the bedroom instead of camping in the hall (its the only bit in the flat that has no windows) which is more practical but less fun. We have no Internet or TV and we argue over who's turn it is to sit on the beanbag but to be honest it's actually been quite nice to escape from the intensity and fast pace of the modern electronic world...says the man as he writes this on his iPhone ;o)

A pic of the block, sunrise yesterday as I arrived home from nightshift and the view back up the street.

With all the house moving stuff and still having to work 6 shifts out of 7 every week I've been missing out on some quality mountain time. We were up at Glen Coe a few weeks ago for an OM meet which i'll maybe let Louise write about on here seeing as it was her first Munro!

I'm smelling winter in the air during these early mornings and Ive got a weekend off coming up so I'll be heading up a few hills I've been saving up for those cold, crisp winter days.

Who's coming with me?

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  1. I'm still here! Where else would I be?

    Enjoy the empty flat while it lasts. Before you know it you'll have more s**t than you know what to do with.

  2. I'm hading up to the Gorms weekend 17th and 18th, probably take the tent with me and attempt a few Munros. I've got the Friday and Monday of so I can travel up on those days. Seeing the white stuff on them there hills is just too tempting! J

  3. Fancy joining us on this SHills meet?

    We're booked into Corran Bunkhouse.

  4. Glad things are going well in the new hoose :-)

    Aye the joys of technology when you don't have it!!

    If you're free for a few hours at some point over the weekend I'm dug sitting and planning to introduce hime to the Kilpatricks if you fancy joining me. We'll also need to get back to the wall too

  5. welcome back!

    6 shifts in 7 is a bit heavy. I am just coming to the end of a week of nights and feel all done in !

  6. Alright Dave, aye it seems to be filling up of it's own accord!

    Thanks guys, the calender at work shall be consulted re the Scottish hills meet. Jamie, I'm nightshift on that fri night so the furthest I'll get is maybe a nearby summit on the sat afternoon.

    Dave night'll do that to u. Also the worst shift for hill time too I reckon :o(


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