Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A wee walk followed by a big lunch!

On Saturday Louise and I went to Arrochar for a walk. We were planning to do either The Cobbler or Beinn Narnain. We had no particular plan in mind just wandering up the path enjoying being outside for a change and would decide which hill when we got nearer. We did neither but they looked rather nice from below ;o)

The weather on the drive up was very changeable but there were definite patches of blue peeking out between the heavy clouds which occasionally let rip with short squally rain. Sometimes I like being out in changeable weather, it brings a different feel and atmosphere to a walk. The changing colours of the sky and the way the light levels rise and fall give the views more depth and make the place feel alive. I love the fact that walking somewhere I've been many, many times before never get's old or boring. It alway's has a different moods, it's almost like it's alive.

We had plenty to keep us interested on the walk and there were frequent "camera oot moments". There were loads of other's out as well, we were passed by a couple of those super fit fell runner types who make a mockery of my fast and light kit as they go tearing past wearing only shorts and T'shirts while we have waterproofs on. We met a dog who was also moving faster than us and we even saw where the Smurfs live...but they weren't in.

As we got up above the trees and gained some height we realised how windy it was. The rain was still showery but the buffeting was getting worse. At one point the long grass looked like water as it was blown in waves. As we went past the Narnain boulders talk turned to the possibility of a tactical retreat to the warmth of the Real Food Cafe. The mountains weren't going anywhere and my belly was rumbling. It wasn't much longer before we turned back.

Being chased nearly the whole way by rainbows we were soon in the cafe stuffing our face's with haddock and chips and chicken curry and chips. Afterwards arses were plonked on the couch in front of the fire with a pint of coffee each while we watched the rest of the world whizz through Tyndrum.

Sometimes its just great being oot for the day :o)


  1. I'm with you. I love changeable days for a walk oot and aboot. Sometimes sunny, sometimes dappled sunlight, sometimes squally windy rain. As you say, makes a familiar walk different by showing many facets in a short span of time
    The food and coffee in front of a fire sounds equally good mind....... :)

  2. I'm not the only one who makes odd detours via Tyndrum! ;-)

  3. It was good Dave....the food that is :o)

    Im afraid not, in fact there a couple of others we know who also seem to quite often get lost on the way home and inexplicably end up in Tyndrum...


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